Run Less (often), Run Faster – Week 16

So, I’ve survived week 16 (first out of 16 – this is a countdown, people) of Run Less, Run Faster. Which, as the title suggests, should be “Run Less Often, Run Faster”, ’cause mileage really is on par with most other mid-pack marathon programs.

I like it.

It’s nice having a purpose for every workout, and having the day of cross training/rest in between. I feel like my runnin’ muscles recover better between the runs, and just generally feel better, though some of that is probably WWME.

I headed out to swim tonite – it kicked my butt, as I haven’t done it in over a month, but it kicked my butt in a good way. My youngest kid has something fierce – he was good and quiet tonight when I got home, but hot and sweaty when I picked him up, despite us keeping the heat about 63 in the house. But, being the good dad that I am, I still hugged him and squeezed him and called him George, and we read a story, and I’m sure I’m gonna have the Vulcan Death Flu by the end of this week.

But that’s why we love ’em. Happy little disease vectors. God Bless Public School Teachers.

Tomorrow’s intervals. Need to break out the book to make sure I’ve got the right set. I’m doing kind of a modified RLRF program – the beginner one on the Runner’s World web site doesn’t have enough mileage on the weekends for what I think I can do, but the standard plan in the book has too much (starts out with 13 miles and includes three – Frackin’ 3! – 20 milers). So, being the engineer that I am, I’m doing the during the week workouts from the book, and averaging the long run mileage between the beginner plan and the experienced marathoner plan. I’ll pick one of the timed plans for the fall marathon.

Oh, and we’ve made reservations to be in Burlington for the Vermont City Marathon. Melissa’s looking forward to the race, and the boys and I are looking forward to some dry fly fishing that weekend. All I need now is to convince her that we really need a canoe.