F*scn’ Shoes

Yeah, so it turns out that I am paying for breaking the primary racing rule (Don’t change shoes on race day). While walking’s been no more problem than usual since the Twilight Trail Race, running hasn’t happened.

Sunday evening, I figured I’d jump out of the house and run to the church to pick up the audio file to build the podcast. So, tucked the kids in, strapped on the sneakers, and started running. Everything was kind of tight, but that’s kind of to be expected, right?

After about a quarter mile, though I bailed. As I kept running, instead of the usual loosening, it felt like the tendons were just getting tighter and tighter. I stopped, stretched, declared defeat, and walked home.

I’ve been on travel this week, which is usually great for the running. AND, believe it or not, I’ve been in the same hotel all week, which happens once in a blue moon. So, I ought to be getting great runs in.

Tuesday, I made it a mile on the dreadmill before I bailed to the bike. It didn’t hurt to run, and I was really hopeful. But when I woke up on Wednesday, walking was bad again. So, stretch and bike Wednesday and today.

This morning everything feels good, but I don’t want to press it. I’ll go for a group ride tomorrow morning, and try to do 5K a couple of times over the weekend. If that’s OK, I’ll pick up the routine next week – the long run is only 8 miles for the weekend, with a 4, 6, and 2 between now and then.

Otherwise, it’s time to re-evaluate goals and start turning pedals a lot more.