1. Taxes. Man, I hate taxes. This year was going to be different. This year, I was going to do them February 1, as soon as I got them W-2 forms from all our various employers.

I filed last night.

2. Like the thing that is your spine. I think it’s mostly better. I took it easy last week, including wimping out on the run Sunday morning and just walking for an hour before breakfast. But, I spread fertilizer Sunday afternoon, and didn’t hurt at all this morning.

3. As in Baby Got. After the trauma of realizing I had no physician to go cry to last Monday when I was in pain, I had a physical with Dr. K. this morning. Overall, I’m in good shape – a little overweight (28 on the BMI; should be 25), but the BP was 107 over 73, even with a cup or three of coffee, and the “prostate was smooth”.

I chose poorly. Dr. K’s got big fingers.

4. To the Y. I haven’t swum in, what, two or three months? So I swum tonight, and followed it up with a half hour on the bike. An extremely modest brick, and I was quaking like a little bird when I finished. Not quite sure why. But it feels good. Really good. I’m psyched.

5. To training. So, I’m heading down to OKC in two weeks. I’m down to running the half. It’s going to suck. But, I’m doing it.

In other news, Nike+ has added training programs. I signed up for the “Beginner Marathon” program, starting tomorrow. Mileage will be pretty much where I was in training for the half; it builds up over 28 weeks, so I ought to be able to target any of the fall marathons. I’m interested to see how it works – if it downloads a workout to the iPod, or if it just goes. Y’all can follow my training if you want

6. Good TV. Battlestar Galactica is phenomenal. Still. Amazes me. I was worried with the first episode this season, but the second episode rocks.

30 Rock is back. Not sure if it’s good any more, but I’ve still got a crush on Tina Fey.

Oh, and I’ve got a thing for Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Possibly just ’cause the wife likes it.

Billy Got (bad) Back

F’n back went out for the first time this morning while I was putting on pants.

And the doc, just like everyone else, says “Hey, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened earlier…”

He then proceeds not to prescribe me anything good…

So, I was like all ready to be excited…

Today was the semi-annual Physical Readiness Test (PRT) for the Reserves. I was all ready to be psyched when I got home to blog about the run, ’cause I was pretty happy with my placing. I’m drilling with a new unit (Believe it or not, they do transfer us around in the Navy Reserve), and there’s a lot more like young people here. So, I figured there’d be more runners.

Yeah, not so much – there’s a lot of folks in grad school or law school who are too busy to run.

Anyway, I was happy – after the start, there were like three skinny types who pulled away from me. Then me, then the rest of the pack I hit the halfway point at 5:15, did the mental math, and decided that 11 would be a good showing. Finished in 10:52, and was pretty excited about the whole deal.

Until I went and looked at the last time I ran it. Ouch.

Actually, not so “ouch” as much as a nod ot weight being my achilles heel. I need to get serious about diet, ’cause running isn’t doing it.

This week ought to be good – the weather’s starting to come around, and I’m getting back into a groove. All I need to do is add some cross training…

Still Alive, Kicking, Whatever


It’s me. You know, me – Jank.

I just wanted to let y’all know that this isn’t a dead blog.

Life is good. I’ve been running (made my long run the last two weeks in a row, and actually haven’t missed a run in two weeks). Missy’s been running. The boys have been running. I’m very hopeful about the whole OKC Half Marathon thing (which reminds me – I need to register)

Blogging? Not so much.

But there’s interesting things afoot here.

I dig me some spring.