So, I was like all ready to be excited…

Today was the semi-annual Physical Readiness Test (PRT) for the Reserves. I was all ready to be psyched when I got home to blog about the run, ’cause I was pretty happy with my placing. I’m drilling with a new unit (Believe it or not, they do transfer us around in the Navy Reserve), and there’s a lot more like young people here. So, I figured there’d be more runners.

Yeah, not so much – there’s a lot of folks in grad school or law school who are too busy to run.

Anyway, I was happy – after the start, there were like three skinny types who pulled away from me. Then me, then the rest of the pack I hit the halfway point at 5:15, did the mental math, and decided that 11 would be a good showing. Finished in 10:52, and was pretty excited about the whole deal.

Until I went and looked at the last time I ran it. Ouch.

Actually, not so “ouch” as much as a nod ot weight being my achilles heel. I need to get serious about diet, ’cause running isn’t doing it.

This week ought to be good – the weather’s starting to come around, and I’m getting back into a groove. All I need to do is add some cross training…

One thought on “So, I was like all ready to be excited…”

  1. Yeah, the diet is a crazy mistress.

    And your bike, it is calling, too. Get some quality distance miles on the bike as well – a bit of mix-up will be good for your system.

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