PRT Fall 2007

Another NAVRES Physical Readiness Test. Another run just under 10:30. I sucked at pushups and situps this time- can tell I haven’t been swimming over the summer, and haven’t been doing them regularly enough.

The run felt good, and I could have come in closer to 10 minutes (10:10 or so), but when I hit the lap and a half to go time check (The course is odd, but after the first lap, it should be about 2 minutes per lap to hit 10 minutes for the run) at like 7:05, I knew that I didn’t have it in me to break 10 this cycle. So, I checked 6, and the two guys I use as run gauges were still far behind me.

And I let up and cruised in at 10:29. Closest I’ve come to 10:30 in about two years.

I’m slacking.

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