Kicked off the New Year right

Finally made it out of bed in time to get over to Newport and run with Christian in the morning. 40 degrees, wet, and misty. And me without my hat and gloves.

Oh, well.

I misread the training plan this morning, and thought I was up for a 2 miler. Decided I could fudge it a little bit, so I set the Forerunner for a 20 minute run, figuring that most folks starting a beginner program will be doing about 10 minute miles, so I could convert the mileage figures into minutes, and do a little extra without killing myself.

Whiz, bang, 20 minutes later, I”m done with 2.4 miles, and happy as a clam. Head over to the gym for sauna shower and shave, and get out my planner. D’oh – today was supposed to be a 3 miler. Ah, well, such is life. Guess Thursday will be a 3+ to make up.

It felt good to be back out. I could tell that I haven’t been really committed for the last couple of months. Not so much because I got winded or sore. But the rhythm and flow wasn’t quite there. I felt clunky. But in a good way.


3 thoughts on “Kicked off the New Year right”

  1. The great thing about time is that there is more of it, so good for you for getting back out there. Isn’t that rhythym a wonderful thing?

  2. Mystic Places huh? I hear that’s a good marathon…I know a few people who run it each year, in case you are looking for a pacing group…

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