Plan for 05

Centers around the Mystic Places Marathon. I was thinking Hartford initially, but there’s a decent chance that Drill Weekend will fall on the 9th of October. But October drill is a Fiscal Year 06 thing, and the schedule isn’t set yet. So, for planning purposes, I am doing Mystic. The upside is that if my schedule is open for Hartford, I can always move it up a couple weeks.

I’m going to be using the training plan from the New York Road Runners, specifically, the 18 week schedule starting from a 20 mile/week base. Not very aggressive, I know, but I want to leave a good amount of leeway to allow for swimming and biking. In the past, I’ve been very prone to overtraining. My secondary goal is to avoid overtraining while still reaching achievable goals.

To that, I’m starting the New Year with the program to build from a 10 mile/week base to a 20 mile/week base from the NYRR Training Diary. Again, not an aggressive plan, but I will likely swim or bike on the “rest” days. Realism and results is what I want.

Hopefully I can find some time in the next week to dig into the HTML of the site and add a bar with the races I’m planning on doing over the year.

In any case, it’s nice to be starting the year with a plan, and a new pair of shoes. (got them from the Exchange, but RRS is a quality place.) Christian and I should be on the road in 6 hours.

4 thoughts on “Plan for 05”

  1. The new shoes look great. How do they feel? ~ As for your training–best of luck. I am seriously considering the full marathon at Hartford this year. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all meet? ~april anne

  2. The new shoes rock. They’re everything new shoes should be – shiny and completely unnoticable on the feet while running.

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