2005 year in review / Shameless Cribbing off of Jon

I’ll be honest – Like most of my good writing ideas, this is straight from Jon. Were I making any money on this space, I’d send it his way in fealty.

But, let’s look at 2005 Reloaded:

So, for planning purposes, I am doing Mystic.Done.

I’m going to be using the training plan from the New York Road Runners, specifically, the 18 week schedule starting from a 20 mile/week base. Done. I think I can still consider myself at the 20 mile base, BTW. More on that later.

My secondary goal is to avoid overtraining while still reaching achievable goals. Not sure that I really accomplished this one. I think that my tendency to blow off long runs contributed to my tightness in the calves which really really showed up in a mental toll. But, I established a new well to which I can go mentally, so in all, I’ll rate this goal a push.

(I have no clue what that previous paragraph means, but have few doubts that I’ll repeat it in a meeting in the next two weeks, with work-related buzzwords replacing the running-related words)

Hopefully I can find some time in the next week to dig into the HTML of the site and add a bar with the races I’m planning on doing over the year. – heh. No comment.

Weight – Mixed bag here. Yes, I’m down overall (won’t actually check on the Christmas damage until, say, mid-January, BTW) for the year, but closer to the start at 180 than the goal of 152. I did mark an entire year under 185, which is great.

Need to review prospective goals and get to work now…

4 thoughts on “2005 year in review / Shameless Cribbing off of Jon”

  1. I’d say you did well; a net positive year. Perhaps not to the secret overachieving standard you might have harbored for yourself but, mighty good just the same.

  2. I do accept Blogshare dollars and chips. :)

    I think you done damn good this year, Jank. Two marathons. That makes you King in my book.

    Now have you ever run a race in Canada? I happen to know one coming up and I think they are easier because all the miles are in metric.

  3. I’m with Jon, come to Canada in July (drag Jon along too). We’re having a great race and you could meet Karen and I. Twas a great year, 2005 and I bet 2006 will be even better!

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