Extra post for today –

1. I kind of blew the diet (already). OK, not diet, but counting calories. And not so, much, but just a bit. Breakfast, as you know, pushed 500 cal. Lunch – I did good; leftover fajitas, no cheese, no guac: about 400 cal, near as I could figure. Supper – My folks decided to treat us to a local seafood restaurant. Good stuff. In hindsight, I should have gone for the off-season lobster – if you avoid the butter, which isn’t needed now that the critters have their winter fat, it’s not so bad for you. Instead, I got the fried platter. I avoided the fries, and stole some of my wife’s salad, but I figure supper was 1,000 calories or so. So I’m up about 2,000 for the day.

If I fight off the monster for the evening, it’s not so bad. Plus, I swam, so there’s a deficit to make up there. Only, I’d hoped to make it up off of my belly (mmmm, whole belly clams….)

2. Speaking of deficit: I found the coolest calorie calculator. It purports to solve for your baseline, but more importantly, it gives inputs for calories burned running/swimming/biking, etc. Good stuff.

3. There’s been a bunch of good comments on about body fat monitors on Sunday’s post. Appreciate all the information about potential inaccuracies, but I’m pretty confident it was accurate. It’s too close to the BMI and my physical appearance as a little bit fluffy. Much like the scale, though, I’m going to continue to formally avoid it 6 days a week. Oh, and Jon – it was an impulse buy. $5 cheaper than normal.

4 thoughts on “Twofer”

  1. Hey, I went to Target last night and saw the $5 extra for myself (before I read this post). Does the online store charge shipping? I almost bought it but decided to hold for a little while. I want to know the number, but if its not good, I’ll be real disappointed.

    And why did you skip the guac? Avocadoes have unsaturated fat. Good for your heart. Cheese? Poison. Skip that. The guac should have helped fill you up, mid day, and helped fight off the monster that ordered the fried poison.

    Oh well. I had a burger and fries yesterday. Gack!

  2. Speaking of calories, I’m a bit pissy, because I’ve cut back my calories a bit (not by numbers, but by eyeball), and I’m losing weight again. I’m down 3 more pounds since two weeks ago. But now, Jaime’s Really Useful Fitness Blog is telling me I’m probably doing my metabolism a disservice. So, how’s a brutha win?

  3. the forerunner does some calorie estimates for runs based on your weight and age. i dig looking at a long run and seeing 2000+ calories burnt…dang, that means i can eat a whole pizza as a recovery meal!

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