178 – Added a pound but it’s within the margin of error, and I was sick last week.

One of the upsides of being sick has been getting back into a regular sleep cycle, so I was up early this morning to hit the pool at the Y. And hit the pool I did. 1,000 yards. Everything felt fine, but I was still fighting some of the lingering weariness that hobbled me last week.

**** WARNING – Nasty statistics to follow ****

I picked up a small body-fat monitor at Target yesterday. Yech. 32%. Meaning that I’m carrying around about 55 lbs of lard everywhere I go.

The upside is that the measurement “checks with chart” as the quartermaster would tell me back in my submarining days. Say I cut down to a healthy 15% body fat – that’s about 27 lbs to lose, which would put me right at 150, or about where the BMI calculations tell me I should be.

This, though, was a real eye-opener. In the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve peaked out at about 195 or so, almost 20 lbs higher than I am today. Yee cats.

**** Back to regularly scheduled navel gazing ****

This week begins counting calories. I’m going to shoot for an 1800 calorie base, with an addition of about 50% of what I burn in exercise. Breakfast – Trail Mix Bagel and Honey-Walnut Cream cheese. Only a gazillion calories. OK, only 530 cal. Washed it down with good old fat burning coffee. Yippee! (BTW, whoever posted about coffee’s fat solubility last week deserves a gold star.)

4 thoughts on “Swim/Weigh-in”

  1. Every thing I read about those monitors you buy at stores says they’re not exactly realistic, but that you can use them to judge your own personal progress. You might be only 25% or 28% bodyfat. Still not where you want it, per se, but maybe not as high as the read out.

    At least that’s what I’m going to tell people when I use one. : )

  2. Yeah.. I’d agree with Chris. I’ve had impedance measurments that place me at around 30 %, but then had good caliper measurements that placed me at < 10 %. There must be a gym or something that would be able to give you a caliper measurement.

  3. Panera is one of my Favorite places in the world to eat lunch (and breakfast too)! I love their chocolate chip muffins. Good luck with the calorie counting!

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