Good News!

I’ve learned to walk naked on stilts! – Homer Simpson

The good news is only sort of …

I hit the pool this afternoon. The Y pool, mostly out of guilt of using the base pool last week. 1700 yards, mostly good. I wasn’t quite into it, but I was making do. The pool was kind of crowded, but I figure that’s just good practice if I ever do actually do a race…

Anyhow, things were going well until I hurt myself.

Yep, I hurt myself swimming.


Dig this – I was doing a flip turn, all good and proper – tucked my head into my chest, pulled my legs up and over, and BANG! clocked my ankle on the edge of the pool. Then, I clocked my head on the bottom. Ouch.

Popped up out of the water with my ankle throbbing. Wiggled it for a while, and decided that I was done swimming for the day. Sat on the edge of the pool ’til I thought I could put weight on it without falling, and then limped to the locker room. I think it’s going to be all right for running tomorrow, but if it hadn’t been raining all day, I’d shift cycling/running days to keep the weight off.

5 thoughts on “Good News!”

  1. Ow! Ok, that’s not a very common injury I’m thinking, hurting your ankle while swimming. Get some ice on that fella before it gets away from you.

    Hope it heals up and doesn’t give you trouble down the line.

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Now you’ve given me something to worry about during flip turns …

    .. take care of that ankle!!

  3. youch! I still remember running into the wall on a flip turn from when I was a kid on the Y’s swim team. But flip turns are cool.

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