Appropriate Word of the Day

pestiferous \pes-TIF-uh-ruhs\, adjective:
1. Bearing or bringing disease.
2. Infected with or contaminated by a pestilential disease.
4. Bothersome; troublesome; annoying.

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Grrr… Still sniffiling; but it’s a beautiful day today, so I will get out.

9 thoughts on “Appropriate Word of the Day”

  1. i feel your pain. i’ve been feeling great since tuesday, but man, the gunk just won’t leave my head or lungs. doesn’t it understand that i’m all BETTER?

  2. When the heck does the Stupid Flu go away? Sorry its still there. Seems like when the weather gets nice, the flu comes back to spoil it again. Drink your juice. Hope tomorrow is better.

  3. lol … apparently it’s me that’s been in the bourbon … or cc …

    Blogger said my comment didn’t post, so I tried again … I’m like a kid telling knock-knock jokes, I just get funnier and funnier each time … eeeek …

    Happy Easter!

  4. Pestilence sounds like a flu that’s pretty smart, not stupid. Try drowning the damn thing, in whiskey colored wter – lots of it.

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