Stupid Flu

OK, probably not actual flu, but some terrible head cold anyway.

The bike ride didn’t happen on Wednesday, and the dual day didn’t happen today. The bike ride was called off on account of freakish late season snow – it was cold and wet most of Wednesday.

Wednesday night I went to sleep about 8:30, right after the kids were in bed. And woke up at about 6:45, running late.

Today was a pretty busy day at work, trying to tie up what I’ve been doing enough that it’s useful. So I blew off swimming, figuring I’d run on the way home. Ah, but then I remembered that there were a couple of errands to run, so that was shot. Fortunately one involved an appliance that had been delivered without the appropriate cables hoses and doo-dads necessary to hook it up and that, after a month of waiting for it to be delivered, was going to be at least another week to get the proper gear brought out …. In any case, I called the store, made sure they had the parts, and told them I’d hook it up myself provided they’d give me the parts for free. Sure ’nuff, when I get to the store, I’m told “You spoke to who? That’s impossible since I’ve been answering the phone all day.” Grrr… I’m logging it as Cardio.

Tomorrow will be better.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Flu”

  1. You guys must be sick, sick, sick of the snow. Just get it warm by the time I come up in June:) Take care.

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