Highlight of my day

Not that it wouldn’t have been any other day, but I had the distinct pleasure of running with Susan and David at their summer places in Rhode Island. A great run – good conversation makes the miles slide by. And a great course, if you’re ever in the area – nice false flats on the “out” lead to a challenge on the “back”. The best part? It ends at an old inn, complete with tasty beverages and a kitchen that smelled incredible.

The company, however, was the highlight. And the common thread was the importance that y’all out there have played in getting us through tough times. Not just training-wise, but personally. Good stuff.

So, again, a huge thanks to Susan and David for sharing their great neighborhood 5K and memories of sneaking down a road as teenagers. And here’s looking forward to Tuesday at Bluff Point.

9 thoughts on “Highlight of my day”

  1. I’m glad you guys got a chance to meet up! Looks like a perfect place for a run…especially the “tasty beverages.”

  2. I second what Brent said, can’t you all move somewhere out to the middle. Sounds like you had a swell time.

  3. Thanks for making the effort to stop by Bill. It was great to meet you. I’ve loved reading your writing, and it was fun putting a face to the prose:) See you Tuesday!

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