The other run today

Inspired by Warren, Dianna, and Mark, I figured I’d give The Mile a try today at lunch. Plus, I’d “rested” yesterday, and was a little behind on the 4 and 4 I needed to get between Wednesday and Thursday.

Jogged the 1.7 or so over to the track in front of the Naval Academy Prep school, making sure to keep my heart rate well below the anerobic threshold. Ended up feeling like I was going painfully slow, likely because I was kind of jazzed about the whole mile concept.

Got to the track, dropped off the iPod and found a convenient spot to start. Bang. First lap came in at about 1:45 – felt pretty good. Second lap – started to get a little tough, but the glance at the watch was closer to 3:15 than 3:30 – woo hoo! picking up speed! Third lap – missed the split, but pshew – this stuff is tough. I could feel the lactic acid building up in my thighs. Finished in 6:41. Not too shabby for a benchmark. Not speedy by any stretch, but reasonable. I did finish with something in the tank, though – my heart rate was back down below 150 before I walked a quarter of a lap.

The jog back was unremarkable (other than not hurting at all). I went ahead and let myself run where I felt comfortable, which was in theory above the whole 80% of 210 minus age sets your anaerobic threshold range.


I was happy, and looking forward to the evening’s run.

6 thoughts on “The other run today”

  1. Nice work! I was feeling inspired by Dianna’s race, too. Maybe a few days after Saturday’s race, I’ll try out the 1 mile “sprint!”

  2. Woohoo! Hope you had, um, fun. 6:41 is a very respectable time, in my book. Every time I run the distance, I marvel at those who actually RACE it. It seems like it would be a painful distance to race.

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