Say it ain’t so…

Robert Heras’ popped positive for EPO in his last test in the Vuelta. He won a record fourth Vuelta a Espana in September.

I wouldn’t be especially bummed about this, except for the potential Lance fallout. Heras was a key player in the USPS juggernaut, and was supposedly tight with Armstrong prior to leaving to lead Liberty Seguros. Much like Tyler Hamilton…

Hamilton’s still appealing his positive test from late 2004; I’m starting to feel sympathetic for him again, by the by.

But what’s bugging me (am i buggin’ you? don’t mean ta bug ya. OK, Edge, play the blues!) is the whole proximity of this to Armstrong. Can you tell someone’s character by the company they keep? I hope not. But there’s the part of me that keeps wondering “Maybe LA figured it out. Maybe he was cheating for seven years, but managed to stay just far enough from the fire to avoid getting tagged…”

Again, I still want to believe in Armstrong. I want to believe…

3 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so…”

  1. Maybe I’m overly optomistic, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like the whole EPO testing is a bit on the questionable side. A bit like testing positive in the military after eating poppy seeds, ya know??? Testing is important, but I’m wondering if after ’96 they aren’t rushing to use tests that aren’t as scientificlly accurate as they should be in the name of keeping the sport clean.

  2. On the whole “Can you tell someone’s character by the company they keep?” thing, I hope not, too. Otherwise, considering my friends, I may as well get used to being alone.

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