Jack’s got 17 lbs to lose; I’ve got 17 lbs to lose – it’s on.

I’d put my money on Jack though – 27K in 40 degree weather.

I, on the other hand, had pizza and ice cream.

We did pick up all the leaves in our yard, and quite a few that blew in from the neighbor’s yards. Anyone out there a landscape artist? I’d like to put something together in the yard (hedges and stuff, maybe a picket fence) that blows the leaves out of my yard into the woods behind the house. How cool would that be?

In any case, I didn’t run/bike/swim this weekend. Nope, just carried quite literally a ton of leaves into the woods and piled them up until they were over my head. I’m seriously thinking about heading out there with my sleeping bag this evening, just ’cause they’re still crunchy and fluffy. Melissa said she’d be worried about the fisher cat that’s allegedly stalking our neighborhood. Yep, Connecticut’s a wild place. Our first house featured a bald eagle that ate (I kid you not) two neighborhood cats.

Now all I need to do is to figure out how to get the ratzel-fratzel neighbors across the street to rake their yard. They’ve got lots of oaks; we don’t. There were more than a couple oak leaves in the pile.

6 thoughts on “Gauntlet”

  1. Don’t give up hope, running in 40°F weather left me starving to death, I pigged out the rest of Saturday, up a pound this morning – ugh! It’s going to be a long winter.

  2. i hate my backyard neighbor’s leaves too, half of their tree hangs into our yard (that we’ve been secretly trimming). Good luck with the weight.

  3. Do you have a pool? Leaves will travel hundreds of yards to make sure they land in your pool, and then sink to the bottom, and start decaying, immediately.

  4. There must be some weird science law that puts those oak leaves in my pool and my yard. I have no oak trees capable of doing what I have to clean up. It’s just not right.

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