Someone was sending me comment spam via the old blogger interface. Trying to figure out how to close that loophole. Please bear with.

3 thoughts on “Troubleshooting”

  1. Dawn: the issue here is that it’s with the old Blogger/Blogspot interface, one that is very easily spammed. That’s why so many CAPTCHA hacks have been implemented into Blogger/HaloScan comment tools.

    (CAPTCHA = Completely Automated Process for Telling Computers and Humans Apart. It’s a literal acronym for the “Turing test” menchanism used by these tools.)

    Jank is now using WordPress, which has much better anti-spam tools that are a bit less intrusive (e.g. Spam Karma and Akismet). But the old Blogger code, which seems to be tied to this blog (Jank, can you ‘splain?), is polluting the blog with spam.

    Jank: if you haven’t tried Spam Karma ( or Akismet (, they’re well worth checking out. I use Akismet on Randomduck, and my comment and trackback spam has dropped off significantly.

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