22 on the bike

Sunday – church, dinner (being the traditional way to refer to the meal at mid-day, with supper being the evening meal), a little trip to Target to see if there was anything shiny that caught the kids or my eye, and to let the missus pick up actual useful things for the house. Jake was acting flakey – sure sign he needs a nap, Nate was falling asleep in the car on the way to the house, and the mercury was edging somewhere above 50. Threw the kids in bed, aired up the tires, found the shoes, and put the rubber side down on the pavement.


Weather was perfect – 55 when I passed the thermometer at the bank next to the VFW, chilly but not cold when the bike was at speed. Perfect reason to pedal harder!

Headed down River Road to downtown, swung east over the drawbridge, and continued all the way down to the beach at Stonington. The wind was really kicking at the point; there was a guy there contemplating wind surfing, my guess is that he was going to bag it. Not quite whitecaps, but windy.

Turned around and headed back towards the house. Took a wrong turn somewhere; ended up back on RT 1. Absolutely hammered to make it back to the house before 4. Pulled into the drive a bit after 3:45, threw on a swimsuit, grabbed the boys, and we made it to the Y for the last 15 minutes of Family Swim (showered and everything before I jumped in the pool, of course).

Leftover onion soup from the freezer – mmmm, good.

A&P had clementines for $3/box; clementines and kashi for breakfast…

5 thoughts on “22 on the bike”

  1. mmm, clementines! homemade onion soup sounds good, my folks live near an onion and potato farm so they buy these 50lb bags of humongous onions – I’ll have to swipe a few when I visit for turkey day.

  2. Good to read that you got back on the bike! Even though winter is just around the corner, I still look forward to riding quite a bit – perhaps due to the two months’ worth of riding I missed due to my shoulder.

    I also dig the onion soup – a soup that freezes remarkably well. I’ve been taking advantage of the bounty of leeks at the local farm market by cooking a lot of leek-based soups: potato and leek, carrot and leek, broccoli and leek, etc. They’re easy to prep and taste so good on a cold fall evening.

  3. Nice to have a good ride like that so close to Thanksgiving. The past few weekends I’ve seen groups of bikers out riding, getting in a few more miles before the snow flies (which happens tomorrow apparently).

    Nice ride, Jank.

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