Gotta soggy notion…

Saturday. Drill.

Slept late and didn’t run first thing in the morning while it was misty and warm. Spent most of the day walking back and forth between the reserve offices, which are on the bottom of the hill, and the hospital, which is at the top. At some point in the last couple of years, the Seabees at the base built an absolutely sweet staircase from between the hospital and the cluster of office buildings the ResCen is in, but nobody ever uses it, ’cause it’s pretty steep, and about 100 stairs.

Nobody ‘cept me. Personally, I love it. It’s cut through the woods, it kind of wanders back and forth from bedrock sticking out of the rhodendrons to another bit of bedrock. Saturday was especially good – I spooked a deer, near the parking lot. Out of instinct, thinking it was a car waking her, she bolted towards the elevated walkway. Then we made eye contact. She did a double take. I blushed and turned down my eyes, thinking she was flirting. Then she turned around and tore around the rocks and out of sight. Good times.

Anyway, PT is at the end of the day. After wasting an entire day at medical and dental (guess what? I still need to floss more. I bet you do, too…), it was time for the monthly paid hour of physical fitness. And right about then, the nice weather gave way to rain.

Butcha know what? I strapped on the sneaks, prayed that the jacket was at least a little waterproof, shoved the iPod in the inside pocket, and hit the road. The other marathoner in the unit had gotten to the gym before me and promptly disappeared (turns out he was running on the inside track. There’s a word for that – smart).

But I did the perimeter trail. Walked a couple of the steeper hills. Reveled in the rain. Was amazed that the new sneaks seem impervious to mud. Prayed they don’t rust…

Sunday? Absolutely beautiful. I was locked up inside all day. We did get out for a family walk/bike ride before folks showed up for the Super Bowl. Nate was beside himself cheering whenever Jake would pass the stroller on his bike. Jake got going by himself at least once. I think it was while he was going down the “big” hill in front of the house. He made it down this time, feathering his brakes. I was proud. Next step is to teach him how to do it no hands, no feet, spread-eagle, and screaming with his hair on fire.

I have much to learn…

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  1. i didn’t even read the whole entry i am sorry to admit- i saw drill and said UGH! we (my husband) has his first drill back this weekend. big freedom salute on sun so tune into the news!

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