Chugga, chugga.

SouthcountySo I’ve been meaning to check out the William C. O’Neill South County Bike Path, which is right off my commute. Monday, on the way home, I finally stopped the car and did it.

I’m glad I did – it’s an absolutely great spot for an easy run – old rail bed, exceptional asphalt surface, pretty quiet. Plus, it runs through Great Swamp, which is some of the best duck hunting in New England. Saw a bunch of ducks and geese heading back to roost at sunset.

4 miles, 36 minutes. The first half I kind of loped along. I kind of didn’t feel like running. The youngest kid has given up on sleeping through the night. I think it’s ’cause he’s old enough to realize we put him in a cage every night, but the wife’s afraid if we take the rails off of his crib, that she’ll never get him to sit still again. She may be right, but it’s still disturbing to wake up two or three times a night to screams of terror. It could also just be the cold he’s been fighting (and that I’m sure to have soon).

The second half, though, I was glad that I’m not on the HRM kick that lower case jeff is on. My legs and lungs said go. I went. 20 minutes at the 2 mile turn-around, including some dawdling on the way out to enjoy the trees. 16 minutes on the way back.

Now, if I can just get off my butt one morning and catch the sun rising over the sod fields…

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  1. that was a fast run despite some lack of sleep. my kid started jumping her cage pretty early so I had to dismantle it before she cracked her head.

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