More things to make me happy

So, I know that a lot of you RBF types have been having a great chance to revel in the white stuff.

Us, down here by the coast, haven’t. It’s been long, not-so-cold, and absent any chance to go sliding around. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see this:

Call me crazy. I’m waxing the skis (well, not waxing them per-say, they’re nowax, but conditioning the base…)

Going 3 instead of 5 last night was a good idea. I woke up feeling not sore but tight. Did some stretches, and everything is loosey goosey right now. My fear is that I’ll get the PF (the ailment of the lower leg ligaments who cannot be named) again. So, we’ll keep running as it makes me happy and see where that gets us.

Revised the image code to resize. After Deene’s comment, I checked it out both on IE and Firefox for PC, and with Firefox, Opera, and Camino for OS X 10.3.9 without issues.

4 thoughts on “More things to make me happy”

  1. I loved reading your two happy posts this morning. Good stuff (though I don’t agree with your second post about snow. I’ve been quite happy with the mild winter so far!)

  2. We’ve had like NOTHING on the coast. NOTHING. I caught my pictures from Bluff Point from last year, and am jonesing.

    It can melt first thing Monday morning if we can call that a deal….

  3. We finally had some snow here as well, most of it has been in the mountains so far. btw, i cant see most of your text on this post, the image is overlaying – is it just me?

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