The “Blizzard” of Aught Six

First, a bit of cross-promotion – I’m trying to collect jokes about the Veep shooting the lawyer over here. For the record, I wouldn’t be collecting funnies if it were a larger load than quail shot, or if the other guy had been critically hurt.

Second, The Boy (as opposed to The Baby, who isn’t long for being a baby) and I have been digging on the Olympics. Skiing seems to be his favorite – we may be dragging out Massachusetts or Vermont way weekend after next to get him a half day lesson, and see if I can’t break a bone or two.

Friday – well, I didn’t run. Or swim. Or bike. I thought about it, but didn’t want to press things. Glad I didn’t. Part of this fitness thing is knowing when to say “eh”, and get on with life.

Saturday – worked most of the day to get the house ready to have some friends over. About an hour before they were supposed to be here, we wrapped stuff up, and I said “Hey, I’m going out for a run.” Mostly as a trial balloon – there was probably not enough time. But the wife said “Go ahead.” Not waiting for her to think about it, I was gone. Through the woods, past the closed school, over the hill, past the burnt out house. Down to River Road, back through Old Mystic, up the hill, and home. 5.5 miles, 50 minutes or so. Yippie.

Sunday – the blizzard wasn’t by the time it got to us. Bleh. Maybe 7″ of snow. Pilates that night.

Today, I dragged the skis to work and checked Arcadia on the way home, but they didn’t get much more than we did.

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3 thoughts on “The “Blizzard” of Aught Six”

  1. Seven inches of snow would be considered a blizzard in my neighborhood ;-) People around here have enough trouble staying on the road when it rains – for real!

  2. hubby’s hoping we get a chance to visit a ski area this winter, to get our three-year-old some skiing time! he’s diggin the olympics.

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