Winter Bil-lympics

No, not really. Mostly a photo-journey.

Gave blood Saturday. No guilt trip here. OK, a small one – since this is a light race season in most of the country, why not save up to three lives? Plus, it’s a calorie suck. I’d be more energetic about it, but the phlebotomist completely missed my vein this time. Had to dig about. Yuck. Plus, this may be it for me giving blood – they’re testing for an infection passed along by ticks now. And I cannot count the number of ticks I’ve pulled off of me.

OK, so Sunday – family swim, and I con the wife into driving the kiddos home while I run home (Isn’t it too cold? Naw, sweetie – I’ve got your love to keep me warm.) So here goes:


This is the parking lot at the Y. I didn’t snap the picture of the harbor. That’d just be rubbing it in.


Not quite the photo I’d hoped for. There’s a fleet of shrink-wrapped boats just under the sun. There’s also a cemetery just off of the right of this picture. Old and all that. It’s got a cannon, too. How many cemeteries do you know of with their own cannon?


Two shots of the same thing. If you look on Flickr, it’ll tell you the different camera settings. The rotating railroad bridge is featured. If you take Amtrak from New York to Boston, you’ll go over this bridge. Which reminds me, I didn’t take a picture of the train station this time.

The bottom picture is by far my favorite. Love running in the winter – brown seagrass waving, grassy fields, skies that go on forever. Can you taste the slight metallic tang from the cold and dry?


Downtown from the Green. Only the railroad bridge between the folks living in the condos and their slips and the rest of the world. How cool is that?


Stock scene looking upriver from the drawbridge. I’m guessing this frame gets shot quite literally a million times each year.


Aren’t the ducks spectacular? That’s the tall ships at the Seaport in the background. We hit Day 1 of Pirate Week on Saturday.


Last picture from Sunday. About 2.5 miles back to the house from here, but the light was fading. Love the ice. Love the ducks. Love running on River Road.

Totals for Sunday- 5.5, 52 minutes. Taking it easy…

Photo Bonus – ran Fort Wetherill, RI, on the way into work today. My heart wasn’t in it, so I mostly took this as an opportunity to actually explore the park. Climbed on the WWII vintage gun emplacements. Ran through the bushes. Had a blast. Only did about 2 miles. But I smiled…


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  1. Really amazing shots. You do have a great eye and the lighting is phenomenal…there’s a name for it, that light that happens at that exact moment of the day. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s magical!

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