6 Miles

6 miles on the rail-trail again last night. I took it somewhat easy; still in “recovery” mode after donating blood on Saturday. Took the Forerunner this time to make sure that the folks who built the trail put in the mile markers right. Turns out, they’re pretty darn close. Close enough that I trust them over the Forerunner. (Stupid technology) The final verdict? 6.2 in 54 minutes. 8:45 average pace. I liked it. Not shabby for a lazy afternoon run.

No particular insight for today. But whadda ya want for nothing? Rubber biscuit? Want insight? Head over to jeff.

Oh, and Jeff? The Felt you’re looking at is well received in Bicycling’s annual buyer’s guide. So get on with it, already.

Actually, that brings up something that surprised me – I read through the bike porn for 2006 yesterday evening. Nothing really jumped up and grabbed me. Bicycling kind of summed it up for me – we’re living in a golden age of bikes right now. For just slightly north of a grand, you can get a ride that’ll do for about anything. For over $500, you can get a bike that’ll do for about everything less than Cat III racing. But there was nothing that really made me want to ditch the wife and kids and run down to the store with credit card in hand. I am seriously considering a mountain bike again, though. But I may build it piece by piece.

4 thoughts on “6 Miles”

  1. Ohhh, assembly is so not fun . . . I’ve got too many bikes at my house – I’ll give you some (just don’t tell my husband, he’ll never notice they are gone)

  2. A nice lazy 10k is always good. I have always been hesitant to get into the Garmin stuff because it seems innacurate half the time from what I have read. My husband has parts of a mountain bike he STILL has yet to put together for almost a year now…

  3. zombies for inspiration? hah!

    man, it’s just timing, that’s all. as soon as i get a free afternoon or weekend day, i’ll be all over buying the bike. got the money socked away and everything…

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