Back in the saddle

Christian and I headed out early this morning, rather than doing the traditional lunch time run. We left from his house, headed south from the bridge along Newport harbor, through downtown, and then went up the hill at Memorial, turned around and ran back.

Chris is still working on pacing somewhat, and I kicked off at a too-strong pace, mostly because he kept hanging on every time I sped up and wouldn’t tell me when I was going too darn fast, or fall off at all. Add that to the fact he’s got long wheels, and I’m sucking wind immediately.

Eventually, we settled down to a reasonable pace, and had a great early-morining jog. As I rounded the hill to head up Memorial, I look up and see another runner a block ahead of me. Darn – small dog kicks in, despite my efforts to stop it, and I catch her just as we get to the last block of the hill. So in order to avoid looking like an jerk, I have to turn, run to the next block, and turn again instead of just turning around and running past her again.

Good run. Felt great despite the double ride yesterday.