I was a complete and total slug last week. Didn’t do squat.

Today, I was back with a vengence. Jumped on the bike and did 10 miles on Jamestown Island on the way to work. Phenomenal ride. I parked at some state park that used to be a fort on the east side of the island, just south of Jamestown, and rode to another state park that used to be a fort at the southwest end of the island. Beautiful, small rolling hills, lots of ocean views. Very nice. The best part was a long false flat on the southbound leg. I was able to sustain almost 30 mph for the better part of 2 miles, and for a brief instant hear Bob Roll in my head saying “Jankowski is flying! Must be driving towards the beer at the other end!” (Yes, going the other way sucked). But nice early ride.

Then, on the way home, I parked at a soccer field just off 138, and rode the north half of the island. Minor gripe – the map indicated that the road the parking lot was on cut all the way across – in actuallity, there was a resevoir and 138, so I had to add an extra 4 or so miles.


I’m still grinning.

3 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. Hah! We were both slugs last week. Glad to hear you got back on it. Sounds like a great ride.

  2. Hey I was a slug last week too! I feel better now and glad you had a great bike ride.

  3. I found the reason for all of our sluggishness last week. It was sunspots.

    I knew it!

    That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

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