Hey, y’all –

Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Cycle, Cycle, Too is going on semi-hiatus for about a month. Couple of cool projects at work, the perspective of a cool project at the church (set up a system to digitally capture sermons, burn CD’s instead of the cassettes we have now, and possibly put the service out as a podcast), a potentially cool pair of projects at the house (completing repairs on the kayak and building a new boat), some not-so-cool projects at the house (roof), and longer days with which to try to burn off some of this lingering belly flab necessitate that I spend a little less time with the RBF. I’m still running, will still race (some), but won’t have a ton of time to read and comment. I’ll likely keep posting, ’cause this works well as both an mental outlet and a log.

So, for the time being, I apologize in advance. Hope y’all have a great spring!

3 thoughts on “Semi-Hiatus”

  1. it’s spring cleaning time! good luck on all of your projects, the church podcast sounds interesting. I started uncluttering my basement closet as well – lots of dead spiders.

  2. Everything is cool in Bill’s world! Well, everything except the roof! J Enjoy the hiatious and please keep posting. ~ The project at chuch sounds fun. At my church they burn the sermon CD’s while the pastor is preaching (I think?) because immidately after you walk out of the service, you can pick up a copy of the sermon. I love the podcast idea and I hope that works out.

  3. Sounds like your going to be busy. Good luck. The podcast sounds like a cool project for a church. By the way, what’s a cassette?

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