Weekend Wrap-up


I was completely slack at the end of last week – didn’t do anything between Wednesday and Sunday. Not sure quite why, but such is life.

Sunday, the mother-in-law is in town (good thing). We all trundle down to the Y for the traditional Sunday swim/workout where the boys and I splash and the wife thrashes the elliptical trainer into submission. Per tradition, I waved goodbye in the parking lot, and started jogging home.

Wow. Terrible run. Legs weren’t in it, even though there were several days of rest, and I started having “discomfort” in my left foot. Which was comforting – it was my right leg that had issues with PF during the marathon, so at least the pilates stretching program is working.

I walked about a mile of the 5.5. Which is all right. The important part is that I was out there – calories don’t get burned sitting on my duff.

Monday was a much better day. At lunch, I set out to do an easy 30 minutes on the road. Ran out for 15 minutes, keeping the heart rate about 140 – low aerobic, burnin’ fat! At the turn, Wilco’s “At Least That’s What You Said” comes on, and I was complelled by the guitars and distortion to do about 3 minutes of max effort, ’cause the song’s that good. When I slowed down, I checked my pocket, and my badge had fallen out at some point.

So, on a sunny day in the 40’s (First run of 2006 in shorts!), I was forced to turn around and retrace my steps to see if I could find my badge. The guy about 2 minutes behind me had picked it up, so, life was good. Jogged gently, got my heart rate back down pretty quickly, and finished up in 35 minutes.

So I had that going for me.

In keeping with my plan to do an Olympic tri, I headed to the pool after bath time. 5 laps breast to stretch out. 10 laps free that felt incredible. 20 laps free that were pretty good, but started to get long at the end. Did some alternate side breathing here – wow, does that feel akward.

After that, I look, and two lanes over, the tall guy with the beard (featured here) looks over, and we exchange pleasantries while clothed this time.

I did another 10, the last 5 of which were absolutely great. Nice way to finish the actual work. 5 breast to stretch, and I’m out. 50 laps, 2500 yards.