Shape up for Summer

The New London Day (Local Newspaper) is starting their “Shape up for Summer” series every Monday for the next 12 weeks. Since I’m not currently “on” any program, I figured “What the heck?” and threw my name in the hat.

So, this is a new category, etc, to follow the progress and advice in the Day, and see if I can’t kickstart the 20 lbs or so I still need to drop.

Good weekend; will write later. Taxes this week, so expect either light posting, or explative laden posts as The Man gives his annual sticking to the Jank Family finanaces. I think there should be something else added here, some sort of one line semi-libertarian (I’m working to register Jankertarian as a party) tirade/motto*, but not sure what… Open to suggestions

* – Must be suitable for a family blog. I’ve come up with one, but, it involves five of the seven deadly sins, and all of the words you can’t say on television. In one sentence.

One thought on “Shape up for Summer”

  1. I figure if I have to pay a bit to The Man then I did things right. I’d prefer to hold off on paying any taxes and do it as one lump sum (since I know that I can save for that) and then I would get to earn interest on the money instead of Uncle Sam, but he doesn’t like that idea one bit.

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