Light Blogging Weekend Update

First, the beautiful: After a day of yard work, I had a stellar run Sunday on the way home from the Y. The weather was insanely beautiful, almost to the point of bringing me to tears; family swim had been a blast – even the youngest was playing in the water instead of just clinging fiercely to me. And the run home was one of those that makes running worth it.

Used the HRM again – kept the rate under/at 150 for the first four miles, then did three hill repeats at pretty much 4 miles, 5 miles, and 5.5 miles. Good stuff. Added a half mile after the last hill to bring the heart rate down. Total was 6 miles in 55 minutes. (Yeah, slow, but I’m running). Got back to the house with the sweet metallic/ammonia smell in my nose and the back of my throat after the hill repeats, but got my HR back down pretty quickly – within a quarter mile after the last repeat, which made me really happy. I’m already looking forward to next weekend, though I think I’ll switch up the route and go via the big hill in Old Mystic.
The ugly – after the great run last Wednesday down in Norfolk, the only thing I did before Sunday was a quick swim Thursday night. Bleh. Never really got into a groove, and struggled to crank out 1500 yards.
Next, it’s official – I’m fatter than I was last year. I suppose I should be upset, but not really. I think I’m finally starting to recapture the energy I had back last year.

Finally, I’m 4 weeks out from my two year bloggeversary. Which corresponds with the first time I’ve been consistiently fit for more than 6 or 8 months at a time. I like it.

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