Food Diary, SUS day 3

6 oz Yogurt
Granola Bar (oats and honey)
Total: ~400 cal

Turkey, Provolone, and mustard (mmm, spicy brown mustard) on a multi-grain roll
Baby Carrots
Small bag Lays
Total:480 cal

Total: 280 cal

Taco Bell
Total:600 cal (no, honestly, only 600 cal)

Day 3 total: 1750 cal, give or take.

Remarks: I’m feeling a little hungry, but running at lunchtime helps knock down the afternoon munchies.

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2 thoughts on “Food Diary, SUS day 3”

  1. spicy, grainy mustard to kick up a sammich, mmm. you’re getting healthy, maybe except for the taco bell. my family is home now so I have to skip my chips/dip with beer for dinner until next time.

  2. Anyone that can limit themselves to 600 calories at Taco Bell gets my respect. What is that, like half a taco??? :-)

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