Tale of two runs

Ran the Navy Base yesterday and today. Kind of a study in contrasts, though neither run was “bad”…

Yesterday, I was feeling hale and hearty, strapped up the sneaks, fired up the iPod, and headed south. The sky was blue, the birds were singing, the breeze was moderate – absolutely great day to be running on the bay. Did a couple of hill sprints, pegged the HR at 178 at the highest, had no problem recovering. 5.2 miles, 44 minutes.

Yesterday afternoon, it became apparent that the littlest disease vector had, indeed, passed his latest specimen on to me. Went to bed around 9 PM, slept through till 6. Still felt crappy today, but hey – man’s got to work, right?

About lunchtime, I did the assessment – no symptoms below the neck, so I’m good to go, right?

Did the run, used the HRM, stayed at or below 150. Got mad ’cause I noticed I hadn’t started the stopwatch when I started running. Then remembered that I had started listening to the “Wait, Wait, don’t tell me!” podcast when I left. Finished the run just as the podcast wrapped up – 48 minutes.

So, virus or no, I think I did OK – only picked up 4 minutes.

early-ish to bed tonight…

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