SUS Eat Diary, Day 4

6 oz Yogurt
Granola Bar (oats and honey)
Total: ~400 cal

Diet Coke
Total:630 cal

Granola Bar
Total: 180 cal

3X Taco Bell Crispy Tacos
Total:510 cal (no, honestly, see for yourself!)
Day 4 total: 1750 cal, give or take.

Remarks: Didn’t run today. Whatever Jake brought home from school has been giving me cold sweats all day.

Regarding a lunch of McD’s and supper of Taco Bell: Fast food isn’t all necessarily bad. But, if you’re watching what you eat, it’s far better to download nutritional information before you go than to count on being able to make smart decisions at the counter.

Taco Bell is a great example – I love me the “Grilled Stuft Burrito” with steak. Tasty, warm, satisfying. But the darn thing’s got 720 calories, and I usually would order a taco to wash it down, putting me in spitting distance of 1000 calories for a single meal! Three tacos – same satisfaction, more crunch, half the calories. Plus, more time to eat them, giving your feeling of fullness more time to catch up.

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One thought on “SUS Eat Diary, Day 4”

  1. okay, I just crossed Taco Bell of my list of places for lunch…lol.

    Keep up the great work. I plan to get back on track after next week. Life is slowly returning to normal.

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