Come on Aboard!

I’ll follow you, it won’t hurt the horse…

So, it looks like my next pair of shoes are going to be Nikes. Already went and pre-ordered and everything. “Why?” you ask.” Aren’t you an Asics guy?”

Well, yeah, and I’m just starting to break in a new pair of Gel Cumulii – the finest shoe known to man.

But, even more than being an Asics guy (and probably even more than being a runner), I’m a gadget guy, and this announcement from Apple + Nike today freed up $150 that ought to be going into my new MacBook fund. I’ve been dying for something like this:

  • Information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen
  • Real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones

It’s the audible feedback that’s getting me hooked; that and the promise of having all the data handled when I sync my iPod, a workflow I’m already doing every day. Sure, it’s only 5 minutes or so that I’m saving over breaking out the HRM or Forerunner and keying in the data, but it’s also 5 minutes of not having to think about it.

Bit of advice – if you are going to order, sign up for a Nike online account – you’ll get free shipping on your next order.

So, the rest of y’all can save your money – I’ll happily pay it and see if Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe are shilling for crap.Now, all I need to do is to figure out how to migrate the data from Nike+ over to BreakingTheTape.

11 thoughts on “Come on Aboard!”

  1. My son just sent me this link. And wouldn’t you know it, my Forerunner just broke and my Asics are ALL muddy:)

  2. sounds like a hoot! i still haven’t graduated yet from those sneakers with the flashing lights in the soles.

  3. oh dear god – must stop drooling . . . must find nikes i can run in or will have to kill myslef!

  4. i still can’t get over how genius this was for nike to do. now everyone will go out and buy the nike shoes! its so genius. i mean, i am actually sitting here contemplating a pair of nikes just so i can hear the voice tell me my pacing! heheh. plus only $30 for the gadget. too cool.

  5. the hope is to be able to upload workout information from any number of devices. i’d love to see polar, timex, garmin, ipod devices all able to load their stuff to btt. i’m sure it’s pretty simple…just a matter of getting my hands on their api’s and building a browser/platform independent java app…


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