Another $80 soon to be down the drain

Apparently Nike + iPod is bluetooth.

According to AppleInsider, the folks in Cupertino and the folks in Washington are going to hawk a wristband that functions as a sweat-proof display for the Nike+iPod system

 Further features of the device, expected to be released under the name Nike Amp+, are unclear from the report. However, a single included marketing image suggests that gadget may hold potential to deliver one of the most frequently-requested components for the Nike+iPod system: a heart rate monitor.

Which is why I’d shell out the $80 in a heartbeat – kids’ college fund be darned. I’ve been asking for HRM support ever since the idea was hatched.

I’m still pretty enthused about the system – see my initial review here. It’s worked like a champ, especially since I picked up the system to tie it into my Asics. If you’ve already got an iPod Nano, I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you don’t have a Nano, look at the refurbs at the Apple Store ( – the first gen 1 GB Nanos are less than $100. With $30 for the sensor/receiver, and another $10 for the pouch for the sensor for non-Nike shoes, it’s a distance/speed/calorie/entertainment system for $130, delivered.

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