So it finally hit me this evening – I’m actually dreading the New Haven 20K. I am grossly unprepared, and know it.

I’m not dreading it as far as a social event goes – for that, it’s the apex of my running calendar for 2006.

I’m not dreading it for the course – looking back on last year, after running Mystic Places and NYC Marathon, the little hill through the park at about mile 10? No sweat. If anything, knowing the course is a plus – I’ve done it, I know what to expect, the forecast looks like beautiful weather – should be a great run.

No, I’m dreading it ’cause I’m not prepared. I’ve been pretty slack as far as training goes this summer. Not bad, mind you – I’ve been close to averaging 20 mile weeks, and haven’t gone more than a week without running for a while. But, the long runs have slipped in favor of the kids and the bed on the weekend, and the cross-training just hasn’t been there this year.

In short, running and I have been on a fling, and I love it more now than I have ever before, probably ’cause I’ve been approaching running on MY terms, not hers.

And next Monday she’s going to make me pay for not paying her full attention…





Which will probably make me love her more.

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