Tyler gets Screwed

In no means wishing to defend him if he did dope back in ’04, but Tyler Hamilton is getting screwed in 2006:No world’s or ProTour return expected for Hamilton

When the ProTour was created last year, the Ethics Code mandated outright two-year competition bans for first-time offenders and an additional two-year penalty before being allowed to return to a major ProTour team, a rule that essentially doubles first-time bans. A second doping offense results in a lifetime ban from the sport.

If he’s done his time, he’s done his time. From what I understand, he’s still been complying with the out of competition testing requirements, and has spent a schwack-ton of his own dough trying to fight his suspension.

Let him ride. Test him, just like any other rider.

But don’t be petty and blame a guy who may have screwed up two years ago for problems today. If you’re going to do that, you may as well nail David Millar to a cross while you’re at it…

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2 thoughts on “Tyler gets Screwed”

  1. I am so busy with school starting I am not sure what you are writing about, but I hope I meet you in New Haven so you can explain it to me!

  2. The UCI is showing the ultimate in double-standard treatment of Tyler right now. Given that the “two-plus-two” rule was implemented after Tyler’s suspension was handed down, this is simply vindictive. I think that Tyler’s just part of the great witch hunt that’s taking place in pro cycling right now, in the same crowd as Landis, Ullrich, Basso, Heras, and the team doctors and directeurs sportif who were also involved.

    At this point, Tyler has paid the price per the rules that governed his punishment at the time it was handed down, so he should be allowed to race again.

    I can understand why USA Cycling left him of the Worlds team, given that he didn’t meet the result criteria and that he didn’t petition for inclusion. And since more and more U.S. national governing bodies are trying to be process-oriented in their team selections, with fewer discressionary selections (see: US Ski Team), they’re simply following the others. I think it’s a USOC mandate, if I’m not mistaken.

    I just hope that Levi keeps clear of all this mess….

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