So, the new MacBook is here, and it is GOOOOOOD… The screen is SUPER BRIGHT. It’s faster than the iBook, but I think we’re approaching a point at which speed is somewhat moot.

Huge apologies to one and all – when I got NetNewsWire up and running, there were about 1,000 posts in my aggregator, so I punted. I’m accepting nominations for great rides/runs of the last two weeks – drop me a line.

In other news – Well, I really don’t want to get into the Whole Frankie Andreiu mess. Kudos to him for coming clean about his EPO use in the peleton, but it’s small praise to give seeing as how the relevation makes him more marketable as a television personality.

AND, I’ve been a slug. But the weight’s staying constant, so something’s working well.

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