So, even though I may have broken Iocelli’s heart, I am scarily happy with the new MacBook. Highly recommend it.

Right now, though, I’m desecrating it – using Parallels Parallels to install WindowsXP. Though every cloud has a silver lining – I’m using the license I bought when I picked up Office Pro for OS X. It included Virtual PC, and an XP Pro license. This hack worked like a champ. The only hurdle was that Microsoft used a Mac-only format on the CDs, so I had to use a USB stick between my iMac and the PC I was using to make the CD.

Oh, that and trying to figure out that the i386 directory is on the WHITE CD supplied with VirtualPC.

But the machine works like a champ. It’s installing XP in a VM on Parallels, playing music in iTunes, downloading the torrent for NeoOffice and Ubuntu, and grabbing a new copy of Second Life to troubleshoot that crashing on me…

Now, all I need to do is start vodcasting and I can be hip and with it.

Well, that and get the RIGHT 120 GB hard drive so I’ve got space for all this crap…

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