For Bev

He thrusts his fists against a post; he still insists he sees a ghost.

All is well here – extremely well, in fact. Had supper with an old friend with whom I’d fallen out of touch tonight; am almost above water at the job; and ran almost 8 miles Sunday night, and another 2+ tonight.

List of dragons needing slaying:

  1. Online training at work (taking)
  2. Receipt of FY07 funding
  3. Cub Scout new leader training
  4. Painting the house
  5. Annual brush cleanup, bonfire, and marshmallow roast (this will be the smoke signals…)

Oh, and another for the good column – the annual Oxford American Summer Southern Music Issue came out last week – I’d kind of written off my subscription for the year assuming they’d gone under again. But they didn’t.

Which means there’s much running to do to fully grok the new tunes. Got my skillet good and greasy all the time.

Keep the rubber down. Bev – does this count?

3 thoughts on “For Bev”

  1. Good to see you’re still extant! I hope that you are getting out on the roads, either in running shoes or on the bike.

  2. I have to read these posts multiple times to figure out the lingo. Grok?

    And did you say New Leader Training? Did I miss where you were a cub scout leader? Den leader? Cub Master?

  3. Hello … where have I been?!?!

    It’s an excellent list, and I applaud you. I’m even happier that you followed up with another list just a few days later. Ain’t it addictive?? ;)

    Guess what?? I won $2000 to spend at a mountain bike store ….. HELP!?!?!?

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