What a difference a week makes!

So, as you may recall, I had a rough run last weekend. Proving that I can’t learn from experience, I headed out on the same loop Sunday afternoon, with the temperatures somewhere in the 20s.

Actually, I didn’t head out intending to run the same loop. My general idea was to do the 5-ish mile loop down to River Road, and back via Old Mystic – out of the wind, and a kind and gentle loop. Mostly I was heading out to make sure I wasn’t falling way behind in my Nike+ New Year’s resolution.

Anyway, I crested Cow Hill coming from my house, straight over the hill, figuring that it’d be best to get the hard stuff out of the way immediately. And I felt good, even though my toes were blocks of ice, and the wind was stinging my face.

So, when I came down to Bindloss Road, I didn’t head downhill to River Road, but said “Hey, why not at least run to the next cross-road, and add another half-mile or so?” And I felt good, felt a flush on my face, and unzipped the top inch or so on my softshell.

And when I passed Starr Street, I said “Hey, why not run down to the Baptist Church, and see what’s cookin’ on Main Street?” And I wiggled my toes, and they were warm.

And, as I ran down Main Street, taking in the early evening, taking in the waning light, the air, and the view up the valley mirrored in the stillness of the river, I said “Let’s do the loop.” And I crossed the drawbridge.

On the backside, I made a conscious effort to keep the pace down, and my heart and breathing under control, and finished the 7.2 mile loop without worry.

The downer, though, was that when I stopped the iPod, Lance Armstrong said in my ears “Wow, that was an amazing workout! You really burned a lot of calories!” Which, to my ears, sounded like “Yeah, lard-butt, if you weren’t carrying all that extra weight, you might really be a runner…” Plus, it also sounded like permission for wings and beer while I watched the Pats lose.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes!”

  1. I’m still grieving the loss. I’m trying to cheer myself up by wearing my Red Sox hat and counting down the days until the pitcher catcher report in Feb!

  2. Great outing … for good mileage too.

    Bummer about the Pats. They did play well though.

    The days are getting longer and I can hear the batboys racking that lumber, waiting for the stars to come out of the clubhouse. Play ball!

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