Six Miles to Go!

Another 3 on the treadmill this lunch-time, plus my attempt to follow the Jared-from-Connecticut diet and I’m feeling good: Only 4 miles to go to hit 80 on the Nike+ for the month, and 84 real miles for the month!

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of amazed that

  1. I’m going to make it; and
  2. I’m not in the slightest burned out.

It was a bit tough the third week of the month, but I think that just proves the old “21 days and it’s a habit” saw.

One of the things that’s helped me is getting over my phobia of the gym, and having a gym available to me both near the house and another one near the office. Plus, having an unbelievably supportive wife always helps.

Looking back through my log on Nike+, I completely blew the 10%/week thing, but haven’t really suffered any physical ill-effects. So, I’m standing by my theory that the mileage increase guidelines are not at all meant for folks who aren’t currently running more than 15-20 miles/week. If you ask me (and you shouldn’t – I’m not a doctor, and this is my opinion only) Run whatever you can, folks, when you’re coming off of the couch – the health benefits of getting off of your butt far outweigh any risks.

I still need to worry much, much more about weight – it’s still inching up, despite the step increase in mileage. But, we’re looking long term – short term (3 month) goal is still to maintain 20 mile/week base with stretch goal to increase to 25 mile/week base. Mid-term (6 month) goal is to get my weight down to 155-160 (~20 to 15 lbs loss) and train for an October marathon (4 hour time goal). Long-term (1 year) goal is to begin to get faster.

Claim the small victories and continue to press onward.

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