Crow Sandwich, Crow Pie, Crow Gumbo, Crow Po-Boys…

So, way back when, I bragged:

I completely blew the 10%/week thing, but haven’t really suffered any physical ill-effects. So, I’m standing by my theory that the mileage increase guidelines are not at all meant for folks who aren’t currently running more than 15-20 miles/week.

I’ve been resting since the first weekend in February, and the Plantar Fascitis seems to be getting somewhat better. Stretching helps, as does riding the exercise bike instead of running. So, I think what I need to do is to re-evaluate goals – not try to get up to 35 miles/week for a long while, and possibly pass on a fall marathon in favor of continuing to get stronger. We’ll see.

I think for next week (starting the 19th) that I’m going to have to pull back to 10 miles/week running, and stick by the 10% rule until I’m back up to 25 – as in actually stick to the plan I had in Nov/December. I will, however, supplement the crap out of it with cycling and swimming.

So yes, consider me chasened. A humble Billy, with his bounce taken away for a while.

At least until I’ve got heated seats

One thought on “Crow Sandwich, Crow Pie, Crow Gumbo, Crow Po-Boys…”

  1. For what its worth, yeah, the 10% rule does kinda bite. I’m trying to do it ultra-safe, with a “long” week currently around 10-11 miles alternating with a “recovery” week of around 7-8, both increasing with the 10% rule. Its like taper madness, but for months.

    But it seems to be the only real way to permanently recover – at least, without a staff of coaches and doctors helping you out.

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