So, going to the monthly view in Nike+ gives me 80.76 miles at a respectable but not speedy 8:43/mile pace for the entire month.

However, I’m not yet getting credit on the resolution display. Which leads me to believe that they’re STILL running light on the server side.

Believe it or not, I almost didn’t make it. Work and a sick kid interfered a bit, but I finished up tonight in the basement watching ’24’. Good stuff, and I don’t feel my mind rotting if I can’t breathe. But other than that, life is good.

Well, while backing up iTunes to DVD (stupid upwards of 7 DVDs … time to purge the collection) I finally got fed up with the SuperDrive on my MacBook. It’s way, way too hard to get disks in and out, so I went on up to the Apple Store in Providence, got the Genius to say “Hey, you’re right”, and they’re sending me shipping containers to send it in for service. Here’s crossed fingers that I’ll get a new PC instead of the old one when they ship it back… Thank goodness for backups.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’m aiming to run 80 miles in February, which will be only about a 10% mileage increase (based on 3 fewer days in the month), and I’d like to start mixing some biking and swimming back in. I’ve been catching up on Warren’s blog, and getting the tri bug again.

Oh, and I think I’ll run outside tomorrow in celebration of new shoes.

I will wear long pants, though.

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