Revisiting February Goals

So, my favorite running maladay, Plantar Fascitis, has reared its ugly head again. WHich means, I think, that I need to revisit my running goals for February, and ramp down to about 12-16 miles/week instead of 20. Plus stretch, stretch, stretch.

The upside is that I can then spend more time on the bike or in the pool.

(Or on the couch, but let’s not go there)

Anyway, hope everyone else is running injury free. I’ve got a good stretch I found that’s minimizing the immediate sympton (stiffness in the ankles when I wake up in the morning); the next key is going to be going short distances again so as not to re-aggrivate it.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting February Goals”

  1. curses. where is the afliction this time? are you picking up golf balls with your toes to stretch the feet muscles?

  2. awww, crap. Sorry to hear about the PF, Bill. I don’t know if it will help you, but I’ve written an article (to be published tomorrow) on the Pose Method solution for PF. Take care.

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