Shoes, it’s gotta be the shoes

In this case, I think it is.

I’ve got a piece on shoes (that, frankly, I’ve forgotten writing) going up on Complete Running in the next couple of days. I wrote it back in June when I was starting to worry that PF was going to end my running for a while again. The synopsis is that I went down to an actual running shop, and was told that my loved Gel Cumuluses weren’t the same shoe I’d fallen in love with, and got hooked up with a pair with slightly different support.

The view a month later? The new shoes work like a charm. Haven’t woken up with cramped feet once, no pain in the calves – perfect.

So, what I’m sayin’ is that the article’s a good one, as opposed to the fun and flippant stuff I usually write.

2 thoughts on “Shoes, it’s gotta be the shoes”

  1. I read and enjoyed the CRN shoe post too. New shoes aren’t in the future for me. I like your site. Keep up the great running and posting. Tom

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