Say it ain’t so, Vino…

F$ck Vino busted for blood doping.

I was all set to, tonight, write about how I was hooked on the Tour again; how the race seemed human again, and about how it was amazing to have seen Vinokourov go down in a huge crash, fight back to form, win Saturday’s time trial, take a rest day on Sunday and concede over 30 minutes to the folks fighting for the yellow jersey, and then come back on Monday’s mountainous stage 14 to take a flier off the front and win the stage in great style.

I was ready to believe again, ready to love professional cycling again.

Now, I think I’m back to just loving my bike, and my bike only.

Dopers suck.

4 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so, Vino…”

  1. GMTA here, for sure.

    Of course, I’m crossing my fingers that Levi is racing clean, given that I’ve known the guy for years and he’s always been the straightest shooter. We’ll see.

    But it’s not like Astana wasn’t going to get extra scrutiny this year, after Operacion Puerto shelled their team in ’06. Ugh.

    But yes: still love the bike, still love to ride, and hope that the rest of the Tour is free of medically-boosted crapitude.

  2. I’m crossing my fingers that Levi is racing clean,

    Hey, maybe everyone else’ll pop positive, and Wim Vansevenant, the current Lantern Rouge, will be able to stand on the podium in Paris, and quote Homer Simpson: “The two sweetest words in the English Language: “De-Fault”!”

  3. What a shame. Vinokourov wasn’t a favourite because he won – he was a favourite because he was fearless.

    I could say that I was wrong, but I’d rather be wrong putting misplaced faith in someone than in doubting someone without proof.

    I’ll still happily watch the tour, and put my faith in the riders who remain. What else can I do?

  4. I’ve been trying this year, things with Rasmussen sound a little weird as well. I was finally really getting into it and now this. I feel bad for kloden, who may be getting robbed of a podium finish and has done nothing wrong.

    Have you read fat Cyclist’s latest fake news piece? It’s funny cause it’s true. “De-fault” indeed.

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