Wasp Nest Saga

So, the wasps are finally gone.

Here's the nest!I was amazed when I tipped over the basketball hoop and saw the nest. Huge, but, once I was sure I wasn’t going to get swarmed, what struck me was the different color pulp that the critters had used, and how it was a neutral brown color, not having been weathered by the sun.

Big as a basketballThrew the old Gallery Furniture basketball in the frame for size.


As big as the shovelWhat knocked me out, though, was that even after two separate poisoning attempts, there were still wasps and larvae wriggling around. Look at that thing – big as a shovel!

More closeupExtreme CloseupI’m also grudgingly in admiration of the pests. They’re amazing architects, and the structure is phenomenal. Just enough material to make it stable, no waste. All recyclable by the user.

Four miles yesterday, even though I spent the whole day building on the boys’ playscape. The roof that should have gone up two or three years ago is finally up. The four miles was good running, but miserably physically. It is wet, wet, wet.

4 thoughts on “Wasp Nest Saga”

  1. I wish I could mimic your grudging admiration.

    Maybe in a few years. I’ve finally managed to give spiders their due. Maybe wasps will someday follow.

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