Dean Kamen can eat this guy

Wow – so I mock the Segway, and then suddenly, I’m provided with a personal transporter so unbelievably cool I’m tempted to call in sick for the next week and build one.

So, this guy and this guy have built, posted code and blueprints, and shown that it can be ridden without dying.

This I can see replacing the car – imagine thousands of folks in WWI helmets with long leather jackets and messenger bags slung over their shoulders ripping on the way to work.



One thought on “Dean Kamen can eat this guy”

  1. Cool! However, I wasn’t a skateboarder as a kid, and snowboards and me don’t get along – something about one foot leading the other, etc. We two-plankers are a weird lot.

    But this is a cool project.

    Still….. give me my bike, and no one gets hurt. ;)

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